Agencies Involved

          There are many agencies that have become involved with how to mitigate the fire risk and their own opinion in how to do it. Since the 1991 fire there have been much effort spent on developing management policies and getting them implemented. These fire prevention plans have come up against a lot of debate by various opinions in how the forest should be managed. We’ll save that for a later topic when we discuss current challenges. Agencies such as Cal-fire, US Forest Service, FEMA, Sierra Club, Claremont Conservancy, UC Berkeley, CDFW, City of Oakland, The Hills Conservation Network and The East Bay Regional Park District have all had their own interpretation as to what should be done to the Eucalyptus trees that pose the greatest threat to current dwellers. Some of these organizations work together and some oppose one another’s views.

            Many environmentalists would like to see a large number if not all of these trees removed for the risk they propose to the East Bay. Other environmentally minded groups argue that cutting down or removing these trees will create a larger fire hazard. The groups arguing for keeping the trees assert they like they beauty of them, the shade they provide, and the joy they get from them. Some argue that these trees sequester a large amount of carbon and cutting them down would be tragic. Despite the great risk these trees present there have been lawsuits against agencies, protests and much vocal opposition to cutting them down. Despite successful projects completed by public agencies in the East Bay there has been continuous debate that has curtailed the efforts of agencies to do anything of substance to mitigate the risk of another great firestorm.