The Coffee Project at UC Berkeley


Sponsored by the Anti-trafficking Coalition at Berkeley (BATC), the Coffee Project aims to promote ethical sourcing and minimize labor rights violations in the coffee industry. In order to do so, we foster relationships with local coffee shops and encourage them to uphold ethical labor and environmental standards within their sourcing processes. We are compiling the information we gather from our outreach into an app that empowers students to make informed consumption choices. Our goal with this resource is to make market demand for ethically sourced coffee more visible, working to shift industry practices. Our ultimate aim is to push companies to develop more comprehensive policies and audits to support economically vulnerable communities susceptible to human trafficking.

We are building a team of students to perform outreach to the coffee shops, as well as looking for front and backend developers to work on the mobile app. If you are interested in fighting for environmental justice, corporate social responsibility, and labor rights, email to join the project!