Welcome to Green Business and Sustainable Coffee Supply Chains in the East Bay Website!

This Website was created to demonstrate various research projects led by Professor Kurt Spreyer in his ESPM 50AC: Introduction to Culture and Natural Resource Management  class.

My name is Yuna Tae, and I am a student majoring in Environmental Science and Economics at UC Berkeley. I have a strong passion for learning and incorporating sustainable practices, exploring ESG concerns and solutions, and looking into environmental and social justice issues. This is my third semester doing research with Professor Spreyer on environmental justice practices in the East Bay Area. 

In correlation to Professor Spreyer's interest in diverse Environmental Justice activities practiced in East Bay, this research project explores history of coffee industries in the Bay Area, explores coffee labels, and collections of images taken by students. 

All the articles and databases are open for public, as professor Spreyer intended to share the information with the public. Please cite the resource when using the student's work. Enjoy!