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  • UC Berkeley’s Plans for People’s Park include five-story building plus memorial

    "UC Berkeley announced Thursday that it will build student housing on the university’s crime-ridden but time-honored People’s Park, offer space to house the homeless in supportive apartments, maintain some open space, and create a memorial to the park’s history as a hub for violent student protests a half century ago."
  • Opinion: UC Berkeley was devious when it had crews cut down 42 trees at People’s Park

    "The action was similar to what happened on May 15, 1969, when Gov. Reagan brought a non-union fencing company in at 4 a.m. without warning to fence off the park."
  • UC Berkeley to cut down trees in People’s Park for safety

    "UC Berkeley plans to remove an estimated 29 trees in People’s Park and prune and stabilize others next week, during the university’s spring break, as part of what it describes as necessary safety and maintenance work."
  • UC Berkeley should not build housing at People’s Park

    "Cal has treated the park with benign neglect, creating the conditions that it hopes will lead to public support of development. It should invest in improving the park instead."
  • UC Berkeley plans to build housing in People’s Park

    "UC Berkeley plans to build housing for as many as 700 students in People’s Park, the San Francisco Chronicle is reporting. Chancellor Carol Christ will soon announce the plans, which also includes supportive housing for 100 homeless people and an ample area for open space for the park, according to the newspaper. Berkeleyside has independently confirmed that plans are in the works and that Christ had intended to release the information on May 9."
  • UC Berkeley is responsible for the neglected state of People’s Park

    "I have been immersed in the history of People’s Park in 1969 for the past year as part of a book I am doing for Heyday on the 50th anniversary of its creation. I feel that I know as much about the park’s early history as anyone. As Berkeley debates the future of the park and UC Berkeley pursues a plan to build a dorm that will house hundreds of students at the park, I hope that the debate is based on facts, not narratives that support a particular point of view or result. To that end, there is one narrative that I would like to debunk."
  • UC Berkeley confirms that a dorm for 1k students will be built in People’s Park

    "UC Berkeley unveiled a plan for People’s Park on Thursday that would include the construction of apartment-style dorms for as many as 1,000 students, supportive housing for the homeless or military veterans and a memorial honoring the park’s history and legacy."
  • Running Wolf promotes tree-sit in People’s Park

    "Zachary Running Wolf, who participated in the long-running tree sit near Cal’s Memorial Stadium and who ran for mayor of Berkeley in 2008, has started is promoting a tree sit in the northeast corner of People’s Park. A tree sitter Running Wolf ascended the tree late last night and built a platform about 40 feet up, to protest what he sees as the ongoing destruction of People’s Park by the university."
  • Protesters, police square off over tree removal at People’s Park in Berkeley

    "A steady drizzle fell Tuesday morning as a dozen protesters and several dozen police squared off while UC Berkeley crews cut down what officials said were five damaged and diseased trees in People’s Park."
  • Pets of the homeless to get help at People’s Park clinic

    "On Sunday, the Paw Fund and PALS, or People and Animals Living Safely, will hold a free animal care clinic in People’s Park from 11 am to 4 pm. It’s an attempt to help pets by going to where homeless people and youths hang out rather than asking the owners to find a ride or take the bus to a vaccination clinic in a store."
  • People’s Park focal point for countywide homeless count

    "On Wednesday this week, 233 volunteers fanned out across Alameda County and approached 2,000 people at soup kitchens and food pantries, on the street and in parks, with a view to securing 1,000 interviews with homeless people. The resulting data is used to compile a census of how many people are without homes in the county, and also what types of people they are — be it vets, singles, families or minors."
  • People's Park: A Parable of the Nation

    "Behind the desk is a window that overlooks People's Park. People's Park in Berkeley has become world‐famous; it is for many both a political and religious symbol, a place where blood was shed and life lost in the cause of radical ecology and the struggle against the American political and economic Establishment."
  • Opinion: The original housing in People’s Park

    "UC Berkeley’s plan to build housing in People’s Park is not the first time the university has proposed to interfere with the historic site, and we will rise up in protest again."
  • No Homeless Housing at People’s Park

    "It is good news that UC Berkeley finally has come up with a plan for People’s Park. This is after Berkeley has watched the deterioration of People’s Park and its ruinous effect on Telegraph Avenue for more than 40 long years. While the plan focuses on student housing, it also provides housing for the homeless. Here are five reasons why there should not be housing for the homeless there."
  • It’s not just People’s Park that will see housing. UC Berkeley chancellor vows to build 7,500 beds in 10 years

    "UC Berkeley announced firm plans last week to build student housing at People’s Park, but it is also intends to proceed quickly on developing nine other sites around the city with the goal of adding 7,500 beds in the next 10 years."
  • In Berkeley, The People’s Park (1968) before People’s Park (1969)

    "In researching People’s Park for a book to be published by Heyday next year, I learned that People’s Park of 1969 was not Berkeley’s first People’s Park. For three weeks in 1968, there was another people’s park at Telegraph Avenue and Dwight Way, named in honor of a local ecologist who died in a car accident."
  • Cal removes 42 trees at People’s Park to ‘address long-deferred maintainance'

    "UC Berkeley started to remove about 40 trees from People’s Park early this morning, prompting outrage from the park’s community of activists and those without homes."
  • Berkeley’s People’s Park marks its 45th anniversary

    "On Sunday April 27, People’s Park celebrated its 45th anniversary with live music, food and reminiscing."
  • Berkeley’s People’s Park celebrates its 44th anniversary

    "On Sunday Berkeley’s famous People’s Park marked the 44th anniversary of its founding with a celebration involving live music, kids’ activities and food, as well as a little political activism."
  • A possible first in Berkeley: Housing for the homeless in People’s Park

    "Berkeley may be a town-gown city, but that doesn’t mean the two always see eye to eye. In the past, the city and UC Berkeley have clashed over issues such as building projects and parking. However both have new leadership, and these days there’s a sense of shared purpose, at least around one issue: Mayor Jesse Arreguín and UC Berkeley Chancellor Designate Carol Christ have both put the housing crisis at the top of their respective agendas."
  • 6 arrests at People’s Park as police swoop in to let UC Berkeley resume tree cutting

    "A year shy of its 50th anniversary, People’s Park in Berkeley may be about to get a radical makeover. Sources say UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ will soon announce the university plans to build housing for up to 700 students on the long-disputed site of Vietnam War-era protests, which in recent years has become a haven for the homeless."
  • 41 Years of People’s Park

    "Forty-one years ago, I joined many others in creating People’s Park. Then I joined in to demonstrate and even skirmish to get it back again. Then rebuild it."